Smalltalk in Canada

Gold Sponsor: ESUG

The European Smalltalk User Group (ESUG) is a non-profit users organization that supports all kinds of initiatives around the Smalltalk programming language. ESUG is supporting especially free-open source actions that benefit the whole Smalltalk community. For example ESUG does: Link all users of the Smalltalk programming language and environments in Europe, individual and corporate PromoteContinue reading “Gold Sponsor: ESUG”

Gold Sponsor: GemTalk Systems

GemTalk Systems produces and publishes Smalltalk products, including the flagship GemStone/S 64 Bit product, and provides Smalltalk and GemStone-based services and staff augmentation. GemTalk Systems is the successor to GemStone Systems, which was founded in 1982 and has successfully supported enterprises in multiple industries worldwide for almost 40 years. Our customers build and deploy mission-criticalContinue reading “Gold Sponsor: GemTalk Systems”

Daily Events

There are a variety of seminars and workshops for Smalltalk. Here are the schedules… Day 1 — Friday Time Seminar/workshop Presenter 10:00 Keynote David Buck 12:00 Lunch Day 2 — Saturday Time Seminar/workshop Presenter 10:00 Keynote Adele Goldberg 12:00 Lunch 14:00 Keynote Dan Ingalls X X 19:00 Celebration Banquet Day 3 — Sunday Time Seminar/workshopContinue reading “Daily Events”

The Smalltalk Programming Language

Smalltalk is one of the greatest programming languages ever created. It was the first language to popularize object-oriented programming, the most widely used paradigm in the software industry. It pioneered many of the software innovations that we enjoy today, including the language virtual machine, JIT compilation, the modern IDE (integrated development environment), the MVC architecturalContinue reading “The Smalltalk Programming Language”

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