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Gold Sponsor: GemTalk Systems

GemTalk Systems produces and publishes Smalltalk products, including the flagship GemStone/S 64 Bit product, and provides Smalltalk and GemStone-based services and staff augmentation. GemTalk Systems is the successor to GemStone Systems, which was founded in 1982 and has successfully supported enterprises in multiple industries worldwide for almost 40 years.

Our customers build and deploy mission-critical systems where flexibility, high performance and high availability are crucial, in finance, insurance, transportation, telecommunications, and utilities, among others.  We have consistently provided powerful, reliable software solutions, and as a result, we have earned very strong customer loyalty.  Our deeply experienced engineers are committed to software excellence and to the success of our customers, and continually enhance and improve our products. You’ll find GemTalk engineers participating and presenting at Smalltalk Conferences worldwide.

GemTalk and GemTalk engineers are also committed to working within and with the open-source community, to provide new solutions for Smalltalk application development. GemTalk supports and is actively developing on several open-source projects in partnership with our customers. 


Published by smalltalkrenaissance

A non-profit advocacy organization whose mission is to promote and popularize Smalltalk.

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